As of middle of 2019, FROG had 9,500 adults and over 3,500 children registered to receive FREE monthly provisions. What Is This Ministry? FROG Ministry, Inc  (Forever Relying On God) was born of a vision from the Holy Spirit experienced by my wife and me. A strong calling to minister to those in material and spiritual need in the New Smyrna Beach area was instilled in the both of us. The ability to serve in this capacity was impossible for us in our own strength, time and financial resources, but Jesus said, “Go” and so we went, relying on His provision. 

Our finances and employment situations are such that the idea and reality of this ministry is a genuine “leap of faith”. This ministry is so much more than we could ever accomplish on our own. People donate clothing, household items, food and toys to the ministry and we give them away free and at no cost to those who need them. The store does not sell merchandise, but rather gives away the items wrapped in the Love of Jesus.

We encourage people to think of those they know who are in need. They can help us in giving out our resources in faithful stewardship. The New Testament Church employed this Divine economic approach. It will become the new economy of the world, in His time. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” So, we do believe in giving because it is God in action.

FROG Ministry, Inc has been giving to the needy since its beginning in the summer of August 2006. We believe the Lord will provide us with not only the clothes and goods, but also with the funds necessary to keep the doors open. Giving freely as you receive from the Lord effectively touches the Heart when demonstrated. In this way, The Lord has proven to us that He is to provide everything and we are to rely on Him.

The provision of Jesus comes from those whose hearts have been touched by His Spirit of Giving, as He leads them. Therefore, we are building this ministry on His Foundation, not on the works of our own hands. We leave our hands free to be used by Him for His purposes such as giving, ministering and applying a loving touch in a world that really needs it.

FROG Ministry, Inc  is located at 515 N. Ridgewood (US1), Edgewater, Florida. The facility is 3000 square feet.

When you give to FROG Ministry, Inc you play an invaluable role in helping us reach the less fortunate with a message of unending hope found in Jesus Christ. With your gift, our mission reaches hundreds of people each week, not only with material provisions, but also with sincere care and love that comes from the Spirit of Christ Jesus. We could not do it without you and we appreciate your support.