Welcome, Jump In Here

Hello! We are blessed that you have time to visit! I just want to tell you a little about the mission and how it works. At this mission everyone is qualified and no one is turned away.

This is a FREE store and we carry everything from clothing, toys, housewares and more.

We do require an I.D. with a picture on it, the I.D. doesn’t have to be from Florida. 
If you have children we ask for their name and ages. 

We keep on file, the day you visited in-addition to what items and how many went with you under your own account name. Its hard to remember when you visited last so we keep track for you. Even though we exchange no monies we still experience the check-out procedure.                             

The reason is this:
Every member in household is gifted 20 clothing items.
once a month. You’re next visit will be written on the card at checkout.

1 pair of shoes per family member
1 bathing suit per family member
1 set of linens, towels, dishes or pots and pans if we have them
1 small appliance if we have them

EXAMPLE: If you have a family of 3 that would be 60 clothing items gifted to your family once a month.
(undergarments don’t count as part of the 10)

The Food Pantry: FREE
Our small pantry services the truly homeless.


WiFi: FREE Use the house computers to sign-up for government assistance, check emails, search jobs. NO SOCIAL MEDIA.