FROG sent Bibles to Saudia Arabia

I was contacted by this Pastor Fashim from Saudia Arabia on Skype, a man I did not know. He saw my FROG Ministry FB Page across his feed and looked into what we were.  After speaking to him live while he was having church service I got to meet his family and soon to be bride over Skype. In 6 months time  I reconsidered his Prayers for Bibles in his Urdu language.  For only he spoke enough English to understand and communicate. He wished for Bibles for his congregation but they are very expensive, if I would of bought them in the United States and then ship them. We sent him monies he needed to purchase the Bibles himself. He contacted absolutely thrilled he was in receipt of monies. in a few days he had called me at 4am (my time) to have me participate in meeting his  on Skype congregation receiving their own Bibles in Urdu. You see, that is me on SKYPE the laptop that his congregation member is holding. We continued to communicate for sometime, after until ISIS was outside 30 miles from their home and roof top church. He told that me he was in a Free Choice area that for the time being they could practice what religion they choose, and that the police were being generous but could change. He worked at the College up from his fathers home where everybody lived in his family. He said he was trying to rent a small place to hold church service but could not find a place. I mentioned that he works at the college maybe he could rent a class room. He quickly said no that we are Christians and the school is Muslim that would be dangerous and not allowed. We talk a few weeks more and then communication stopped. I have been on his website for his church and he has horrible graphic pictures of people murdered for their beliefs. I told him they are so graphic he may want to take a few down. He choose not to. Its the way it is over here he said, shortly after that he was gone. If I ever hear from him again I will post it here. Pray they are all alive.