What is this ministry


FROG Ministry, Inc., formally known as F.R.O.G. Ministries (Forever Relying on God) 

FROG is a “FREE STORE & RESOURCE CENTER” following a scriptural theme of giving.  At  FROG Ministry, as we freely receive from the Lord, we will freely give to those in need.  There is no cost, charge or selling of items to those who receive.  It is free to them because Jesus paid the price. 

FROG has a mission site that delivers clothing, food, housewares, appliances, books, tapes, children’s clothing and toys to those in need.  FROG also provides computers for public usage, telephone, mail receipt for the homeless and fax services.  An outdoor shower room with hot water is maintained for those without this important amenity.  Resource counseling is available and assistance with making application for public resources is given. 

It is said you work for a living and give to get a life.  We rely on God for all provisions and to Jesus for strength, love and Victory, over and through, the obstacles of a fallen world.  Receive Jesus and get directly and righteously connected back to God. 

We wish to thank everyone for his or her generous contributions that come in daily.  If you know of anyone who has a need, let us know. We may be able to direct you to someone who can assist you if we are not able. 

When you give to FROG Ministry, you play an invaluable role in helping us reach the less fortunate with a message of unending hope found in Jesus Christ.

With your gift, our mission reaches hundreds of people each week, not only with material provisions, but also with sincere love that comes from the Spirit of Christ Jesus through His Body, We could not do it without you and we appreciate your support.

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